Solar Now, Inc.

The SolarNow team hosted two tours with the Salem and Beverly YMCA at the end of April.  Nearly 100 young men and women had the opportunity to see how the country's oldest operating PV solar array works.  Tours included the recently updated inverter house and a walkthrough of the field itself. Jon and Fred explained the various features of the installation including the three vintages of panels currently producing energy for the Beverly High School.  The students had an opportunity to ask questions about the amount of energy the field produces, how the DC power gets converted to AC power and how the site's latitude affects the angle of the solar panels. 

The two Y's had recently visited the wind turbines in Gloucester and came to the Beverly site to expand their knowledge and education about renewable energy.  Upcoming projects for these young people including building and racing solar powered cars and constructing small scale solar heating systems salvaged from every day materials.  The team at SolarNow applauds the hard work and efforts of the Y staff as they engage the minds of the students and challenge them to be good stewards of our planet. 

The first tour gets an overview from Fred and Jon
Learning how latitude affets the optimal angle of the solar panels